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1980s lunchboxes meet innovative technology in the form of a fashionable bag. Ideal for kids who want to eat healthy and fresh anywhere and whenever they want. Closing the top of the bag helps in proper and flat packing of food and drink and the handle with the clips is ideal for walking to kindergarten or school or for sports activities.

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Classic black cooler bag

SKU: classicblack
  • - The sides of the bag are filled with the refrigerator gel Meal and a 340 ml drinking bottle for up to 12 hours (depending on outdoor conditions)
    - Lateral opening with a large zipper that allows easy closure and protection with cold and dry air
    - The bag (empty) becomes completely flat and is suitable for storage in the freezer for the night
    - A buckle attaches easily to a messenger bag, backpack and sports bags
    - Made of non-toxic canvas beans with a suitable lining for food
    - Free of PVC, BPI, pathlight and lead
    - The inside of the bag is easily cleaned with wipes

    Standing: Height - 21 cm Width - 25.4 cm Depth 10.8 cm
    Lying (crushed in the freezer): height 21.6 cm width - 26 cm depth 5.7 cm

  • Folding:
    The empty bag becomes flat in the size of a notebook and ideal for keeping in the freezer.

    The whole bag goes into the freezer all night (up to 12 hours) in order to activate the gel built into the sides of the bag. By morning, the sides of the bag will be completely frozen and will be ready to cool as the freezer itself the contents of the bag.

    Opening, packing and exit:
    After freezing, the case can be opened to its full position. The food can be prepared and put in the frozen bag.
    Now you can go out and know that the food will stay fresh and cold all day.

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