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It was released in 1995 for the Sega Mega Drive in Japan and in the PAL regions the following year. The game features a returning cast of characters from previous titles in the series. Contents The game is a horror-themed light gun arcade game, much like the previous installments in the series. Like its predecessors, players have a flashlight and a gun, to shoot enemies and solve puzzles in order to escape the house. The game features 16 levels, with some of the levels based on previous games. The first four levels are from the Sega version of Sega's own arcade game, Sensible Gunman, while the rest are based on House of the Dead, with one based on the game's sequel, House of the Dead 2, with two exclusive to the game. There is also a self-contained single-player mode with a difficulty selectable between Normal and Hard. The game features a combination of pre-rendered backgrounds, gameplay elements, and character sprites, in an attempt to create a more fluid animation than the in-game graphics of the previous installments. The characters seen in the opening cutscene have their distinctive personalities from previous House of the Dead games. Jake is the odd, clumsy and dreamy man who relocates for his wife to a spooky mansion, while Torque is a wisecracking, over-confident maniac. The game's cast of new characters includes Frank, Erika, and Mina, who replaces Jake's wife Torque from previous games. Another new addition is Elza, a psychic girl who communicates with Mina telepathically. The Japanese version of the game also features an original minigame, where the player takes a photograph of an enemy and the caption displayed afterwards is their name. The gameplay consists of a series of interactive vignettes, all based in a haunted house; the player is a guided through the house by the sounds of footsteps, chimes, and other ambient noises. Between vignettes, players must shoot enemies that appear on the screen, using a rifle with six different types of bullets. Players can use items like flamethrowers, dynamite, and nightsticks to clear away obstacles. More subtle items, such as the household items used by the player characters in the opening cutscene, can be used to shoot enemies through walls or hide behind the furniture, to avoid being hit by enemy gunfire. Each level is scored according to the number of enemies killed, items found, time spent and other criteria. The




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Download Game House Of The Dead 4 Full Version pansral

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