coming back to school

A colorful and beautiful collection that offers school bags in various sizes, as well as lunch boxes and "water bottles" for drinking bottles.

All bags keep cold between 8-12 hours and are perfect for keeping sandwiches, drinks, fruits and vegetables and of course lunch.

You can combine the lunch box bags with the regular school bags or purchase the school and garden bags from "Packit" and receive a bag for carrying school equipment and a refrigerator bag with another product.

New! It is now possible to add lunch boxes with a perfect separation between wet and dry food or for children who do not like pasta touching vegetables | For boxes click here

Lunch bag

The bag from which it all started A large bag that can hold a full lunch Bottle of drinks and snacks He can not fit in a school bag Due to the large you can carry enough food for a long school day. Touch in a variety of models.