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הסיפור שלנו

It all started with one mom, her three kids, a few crushed blueberries and one revolutionary idea.

Like most parents, Melissa Killing just wanted to send her kids to school with as fresh and healthy food as possible. Melissa grew up in a community of farmers in Iowa United States, where her mother would prepare the meals herself and from what she grew up in the backyard.
By the time Melissa was already a mother of three children going to school, eating fresh food away from home became more difficult.

She became disappointed with the food options the school offers or the solutions that were on the market for keeping cold and fresh products.

She had to shove frozen sticks made of toxic substances into their lunch bags in order to keep the food fresh.

Of course the frozen sticks or small frozen bags would come to school but not always come back.
Another option was to put in small bags of ice that were always liquid and ruined the food. Even then with all the solutions the kids always complained that the fresh blueberries Melissa sent with them always came crushed and lukewarm and inedible.

One day Melissa thought to herself "why doesn't anyone put the frozen gel inside the sides of the bag instead of outside as a stick or bag to keep the contents frozen"? She cut out a set of small ice bags with gel and a bath curtain. Put everything on the table in the dining room and match them together. From there she took it to a guy who does a dry cleaning for her to help her create a prototype.

Melissa put the ready-made bag in the freezer for the night and gave it to her children in the morning to try at school.

To Melissa's delight the bag she created finally kept the freshness and coolness of the food and drink. The kids were so excited about the new invention and how the food suddenly felt fresh and stayed delicious. Melissa's friends immediately became interested and asked for their own portfolios.

Upon demand Melissa realized that her little idea had the potential to become a product that could change lives all over the world.

She has decided that families around the world deserve fresh and cold food and she is exactly the mother who will provide it.

Melissa patented her idea and together with a friend, started the new business and worked with the best product and manufacturer characteristics to bring the idea to life. In 2009 she launched the "personal refrigerator" the first, foldable and frozen bag that keeps food and drink cold and fresh for hours. No frozen sticks and no ice packs.

Since the invention of the first bag, Melissa has expanded PACKIT to a large line of old products, from a bag for soft drinks and wine, a bag for a picnic, a supermarket, baby bottles and more ...

PACKIT products are sold in over 40 states and have a 25-employee business in West Lake California, USA.

RAN Yaron Ltd. came across the product after the partner of one of the partners bought him a gift in the United States, a handbag that will help keep his fruit and drinks cold during his many trips in the country. In addition, the wife of one of the owners who gave birth to a baby heard The partners quickly realized that they had a quality and good product and decided to import the bags to Israel with the blessing of Melissa and the American team so that Israeli families could enjoy cold, fresh and quality food without compromise.

Our values

PACKIT is more than just a company, it is a community of creative minds who are committed to bringing you the best products available so that you can feel good and live better.

Be influential

We want our products to do what they claim they do and that is to make a difference in your life. This is exactly what you should expect when you invest in us and in a new product your money and trust. All we want is to create products that will surprise you with their wisdom and creativity. Because as intelligent as the solution is you can make the smartest thinking and decisions for you and your family.

Be passionate

We love what we do, and we want to share it with the world! We put so much effort into choosing the right products, colors and designs for you that it is hard for us not to get excited about the end result ourselves.
Happiness and enthusiasm are contagious and this is something we hope you too will feel the first time you come across and experience one of our products.

Be practical

Very important and meaningful intentions. Therefore every little detail in our product must have intention and practicality. It's not just what they look like or what they do. This is how everything connects together in perfect harmony. Each of our products needs to do more with less, and offer something you never thought you needed but will not be able to live without once you try it. All this is possible once you take the time to think about every little detail.

Be real

We are not only the first people to create a collar that really cools, we are the first people who really care that their products really meet your expectations. Everything we do is designed to respect your time, your lifestyle and your budget. If we miss the mark, we will be the first to admit it and try to fix the situation.

Our commitment

We believe that eating and drinking right is living right. Somehow in our world people have learned along the way not to doubt the products they use when taking food and drink with them on the road. The world has told us to get along and trust big and unhealthy collars that don’t really cool anything. We refuse to compromise and we do not believe that you should compromise either.

Our vision is to reinvent the way people can live better and encourage consumers to expect better. We promise to provide uncompromising products that enhance your need for a healthier and better life according to your definitions. A day with one of our products should be eye-opening about how one can live simply and enjoy life when all the little details come together to create something of value and intelligence. You deserve the best, smart, effective and most importantly "COOL" solutions. We thank you for the opportunity to hand over the product we truly believe in.

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