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הדמיה של תיק ממותג
רקע כחול


The only bags that refrigerate now come to your business.

The patented gel bag that freezes in the freezer overnight and keeps you cool and fresh Food and drink is the perfect gift for your employees or customers.

Suitable for holiday gifts, birthday gifts and serves as a soft cooler for sandwiches, meals from home and drinks - even keeps vegetables and fruits fresh and cold.

From today you can print your business logo on our range of bags and in different colors.

All you have to do is choose a bag and color and send us the logo of your business.

מקרר עם מקפיא פתוח
תיק אולטימטיבי ממותג

The ultimate

The bag that started it all!
Our first, original and best-selling lunch bag has so far helped a million families in the United States to eat lunch safely, healthily and fresh everywhere without messing with liquid and moist ice bags and has finally arrived in Israel.

Comes in light blue / turquoise, navy blue, black.

תיק 12 פחיות ממותג

Bag 12 PACK

Originally a bag for 12 beer cans, this bag is large and spacious and comes with a large place for branding.

You can put a whole meal and a drink in the bag.

Comes in charcoal gray and black.

תיק 12 פחיות שחור ואפור
תיק שתיה קלה ממותג

Soft drink bag

An innovative and unique approach to cooling "on the go". The wine or soft drink bag can be carried by hand or over the shoulder with a strap with clips for easy closure. Its unique design makes it the perfect gift for lovers of liquor that comes cold and chilled.

Comes in navy blue and black.

תיק סופר ממותג

Super shopping bag

Straight from the checkout counter to the kitchen, whether it's frozen food, fruits, vegetables, ice cream, snacks. Everything stays cold, fresh and delicious until you get home.

You no longer have to worry about everything coming lukewarm, spoiled and melted. Just put the bag in the freezer at night and the next day it is ready for shopping.

Our special designs make the bag useful and fashionable for shopping and other arrangements during the day.

Comes in light blue / turquoise and charcoal gray.

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