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תיק בנטו בוקס
Bento Box

PACKIT's new frozen "Bento Box" is a complete set of a bag suitable for a freezer + Bento Box that creates a perfect combination for lunch.
The "Bento Box" set is an innovative way to prepare and enjoy lunch on the go. The bag keeps food and drinks cold and fresh throughout the day.
The "Bento Box" is precisely adapted to the sizes that maintain the right and healthy amounts, so preparing lunch becomes simple and easy, one meal at a time.

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How It Works?

The "bento box" bag when the rest is empty folds as a sleeve of ideal size for storage in the freezer.

The whole bag goes into the freezer all night (up to 12 hours) in order to activate the gel built into the sides of the bag. By morning, the sides of the bag will be completely frozen and will be ready to cool as the freezer itself the contents of the bag.

Opening, packing and exit:
After freezing, the case can be opened to its full position. The food can be prepared and put in the frozen bag. Because the "bento box" is especially suitable for the size of the bag, it can be used or any container that does not exceed the size:
23.5 cm wide, 15.5 cm long and 5 cm deep.
Now you can go out and know that the food will stay fresh and cold all day.

Product characteristics:
-Building gel on the sides of the bag that stays cool and fresh for up to 12 hours.
-Bento box refrigerator that can make a sandwich, side dish and snack.
- A handle that helps the bag stay upright to prevent leaks

(The bento box is not impervious to liquidity).
- Bag with external recharge for napkins and amount.
- Attached is a tool with 3 reusable compartments (bento box).
-Safe dishwasher, microwave and freezer.
-The bag itself is reusable, non-toxic and safe for storing food.

Soft cooler


Standing: Height - 20.3 cm Width - 25.4 cm Depth 7.2 cm
Lying (crushed in the freezer): height -20.3 cm, width 25.4 cm - depth 2.5 cm

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