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מדיניות החזרות

The bag comes with a limited warranty: the product is covered by a limited warranty of 90 days from the date of purchase for defect or wear and tear of the product from the company.

If you think there is a manufacturer defect, the request for a replacement product depends on where you purchased the product.
If you purchased the product on our website - we will take care of replacing your product.
If you bought the product on our American website that works with Amazon - the replacement of the product depends on the return conditions of Amazon and the American company.
If you purchased the product at retail stores, please find out from the store what their return policy is. If the product is defective or worn and returned within 90 days of purchase. We will replace the product. You can contact us on the website and send a message with a picture of the product and the defect, proof of date of purchase and contact details and we will make sure to replace the product soon.

If you want to exchange a product up to 90 days from the moment of purchase, please provide us with the following details in the customer service mailbox:
- Proof of purchase (invoice) that includes a date of purchase that proves that the product was purchased within 90 days of sending the request.
- Picture of the whole bag
- Picture of the defect on the bag (if you see the defect in the general picture of the bag, there is no need to attach another picture)
- Image of the attached tag containing the product number
- Shipping address and contact details

Image of the tag
Picture of the defect
Picture of the whole bag
Image of invoice

Your message has been sent and we will handle your request soon

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