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באנר ראשי של בנטו פלקס ירוק עם סלט וקופסת רוטב קטנה


Our new bento boxes are modular systems that allow you to customize your lunch time and time again.

The bento flex is an interactive box that brings fun and creativity to lunch. It features two flexible and easy-to-use dividers that can be bent to fit the lunch box precisely and an airtight cup for sauces, spreads, etc.

One box, endless lunch options.

Usage :

You can change the position of the flexible dividers to the sides and change the position as needed


The partitions do not freeze but the box can be put in PACKIT bags

Bags suitable for Bento Mini:
Classic, Hampton, Super, 9 cans, 18 cans, per hiker.

* The bento flex can be inserted lying down (the partitions are not sealed, so it is possible for liquids to pass between the dividers) in the following bags: Ultimate, small back, large back, double drink, perfect.

Product characteristics:

- 2 flexible (non-opaque) partitions to create a separation

Sealed box for sauce can be moved
- Partitions on the side of the box allow sliding of the partitions
Anti-liquidity cover
Made of "titanium" material without toxins
Durable and hard to break
- Suitable for microwave (except lid and dividers)
- Clear
- Suitable for freezers and PACKIT refrigerator bags
- Can be put in the dishwasher


Standing: height - 23.6 cm, width - 5.5 cm, depth - 15.8 cm

Liter: 1.6

גיף אנימטיבי של בנטו פלקס נפתח ונסגר
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