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PACKIT is the perfect and simplest way to keep food and cold drinks everywhere. It's a bag that folds and freezes that works like a refrigerator on the go. Continues to refrigerate products for many hours.

The secret is in the special gel that is found on the sides of all our bags and freezes quickly. We just stored the whole bag in the freezer overnight. Once frozen, the frozen sides radiate waves of cold into the bag and leave the food cold and fresh on all sides for up to 12 hours.

The patented technology in the bag keeps the food cold all day without the need for ice bags or the use of external aids. The frozen bag is so effective that it can lower the temperature of drinks by 25 degrees within an hour.
You read that right! Our bag even refrigerates food and drink from room temperature to colder. Just like a refrigerator.

And the best? The bag is simply foldable and can be conveniently stored in the freezer and ready as soon as you are ready to go out.

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So how do I use?
Our bags require at least 12 hours in the freezer to achieve maximum results. For a faster freeze, fold the bag and place it in a position that it rests on the back of the freezer (and as close to the ice machine as possible). If you freeze more than one bag at a time, it may take a little longer for bags to freeze completely. Place them as far apart as possible and allow at least 14 hours of freezing.

How long does the bag stay frozen?
Our bag was created to stay frozen for up to 12 hours under room temperature conditions (21 degrees). The time may vary depending on the environment you are in, if you are outside and very hot, the cooling time can be shortened. Especially during Israel's hot summer.
In addition, if you open and close the bag a lot, the cold will start to "escape" and will slowly cool down less.
The freezing time of the products can be extended by introducing pre-frozen products.

Can a hot thermos be put in a bag?
Putting a hot product in our frozen bag is not the most ideal. However, if you do not freeze the bag it will definitely insulate and keep the heat of your food and hot drink for a while.

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