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Our new bento boxes are modular systems that allow you to customize your lunch time and time again.

The Bento Mini includes one removable partition that separates opaque liquids from dry products and allows you to separate food from those who do not like the food to touch or keep things crispy and wet separately. The separation can be moved and the space created changes each time

One box, endless lunch options.

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Gray mini bento

SKU: bentominigrey
  • Product characteristics:

    - Partitions prevent leakage between cells
    Dividers at the bottom of the box allow the partition to move
    Anti-liquidity cover
    Made of "titanium" material without toxins
    Durable and hard to break
    - Suitable for microwave (except the lid)
    - Clear
    - Suitable for freezers and PACKIT refrigerator bags
    - Can be put in the dishwasher


    Standing: height - 12.7 cm, width - 11 cm, depth - 12.7 cm

    Liter: 0.7

  • Usage:

    You can remove the buffer from the partition and change the position as needed


    The partitions do not freeze but the box can be put in PACKIT bags

    Bags suitable for Bento Mini:
    Classic, ultimate, perfect, breastfeeding or breast milk, super, small back, big goat, picnic, big picnic, for hiker, double bag for drinking, 9 cans, 18 cans, hampton.

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Arrival times - 3-7 business days.

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